Trekking to the Base of Wailua Falls?

by Jul 17, 2015

We were in Kauai, the Garden Island and wanted to see and do everything that Mother Nature had to offer us. There were beaches, hikes, views, waves and water falls and MORE!

There’s so much to see that you would literally have to be here year round to see and do everything. After hearing so many great things about the hike to the base of Wailua Falls, I was really excited for the opportunity to hike and check out the waterfalls from the bottom and to take a dive into it’s pristine waters.

However, after a long windy drive to the site of the falls, we got there and was in for a major disappointment. Apparently due to multiple injuries from some hikers the whole trail to get to the base of the waterfalls has been officially fenced off with multiple signs warning of potential injuries and uneven terrain.

View of the Base of Wailua Falls From the Street

View of the Base of Wailua Falls and Trees From the Street

View of the Top of Wailua Falls From the Street

View of the Wailua Falls From the Street

View of the Area Around Wailua Falls

Were we able to see the falls? Was it worth it? It was OK but not worth the drive in my opinion. The only view you can get was slightly obscured with trees but you can get the general idea. Although a huge bummer we couldn’t go down to the base, we did see two hikers down there and wondered what they did to get down there?

In retrospect, they probably went around the fences and knew their way around the trail to get to the bottom; otherwise I imagine they tripped and fell and rolled all the down there and miraculously survived without even a scratch.

I’m all for an adventure, but not when my life is on the line during my vacation….
especially at the start of my vacation…
the end, then okay.

F8T Tip

  • Don’t do it!

Wailua Falls


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