15 Reasons to Eat Singapore Sushi at Ryo

by Feb 7, 2019

Where we eating tonight?

Remember that diner down the street we pass by everyday…

Ryo Sushi tl;dr

  • Omakase Courses
  • Intimate Dining Experience
  • Make Sure You Return Their Call Back

Someone LOVES sushi!

No, I’m not talking about me but I do love some sushi more than others; in general I like it a lot. But someone, who shall remain nameless, LOVES her some sushi!


Every so often we pass by this restaurant whose signage says Ryo Sushi 24 Hour Diner and I always say to myself, “That sure would be interesting to go there at 3 in the morning.” Suffice to say, last I heard, they aren’t a 24 hour open sushi spot, but I can dream. One of these days we’ll make a reservation.

The Day Has Come

The day came for our dinner. Thankfully we picked up their call back the day before to confirm our reservation. I can only imagine if we had missed the call and showed up to find out that our seats were given away.

Under the Orchid Hotel in Tanjong Pagar is this small street facing restaurant that seats under maybe 20 people. The decor is simple and clean highlighting the food that is being prepared. If you’re lucky enough to be at the counter, you’ll be able to work up your appetite to the behind the counter magic prior to being served your omakase.

Searing Scallop Ryo Sushi SingaporeFlame ON!

Omakase Deals

  • $18 10 Course (limited lunch special)
  • $38 15 Course
  • $68 18 Course with Tuna
  • $98 18 Course with Sea Urchin

You know we had to go all out for the Sea Urchin Omakase! We figured that we wouldn’t be coming back here anytime soon with all the other food to try in Singapore so we might as well try it while we had the chance.

Judging from the following pictures, you can judge for yourself whether we made the right choice…
(we did)

15 Reasons to Check This Place Out

Salmon Ryo Sushi Singapore 03

1 Snapper

Octopus Ryo Sushi Singapore

2 Octopus

Sushi Ryo Sushi Singapore 02

3 Snapper

Tuna and Pork Rind Ryo Sushi Singapore

4 Tuna with Foam

Seared Sushi Ryo Sushi Singapore

5 Seared Tuna

Ikura Ryo Sushi Singapore02

6 Salmon Roe

Uni Ryo Sushi Singapore

7 Sea Urchin

Hand Roll Ryo Sushi Singapore

8 Crab Hand Roll

Uni and Ikura Ryo Sushi Singapore

9 Sea Urchin and Salmon Roe Mini Rice Bowl

Slicing Tuna Ryo Sushi SingaporeBehind the Counter Slicing Action

Sushi Ryo Sushi Singapore

10 Snapper

Squid Ryo Sushi Singapore

11 Squid

Seared Scallop Ryo Sushi Singapore

12 Scallop with Kombu and Lime

Salmon Ryo Sushi Singapore

13 Snapper

Salmon Ryo Sushi Singapore 02

14 Flounder with Himalayan Salt

Ikura Ryo Sushi Singapore

15 Egg with Salmon Roe

Tried It All

You can’t find a better priced omakase in Singapore! All of that for less than $100 SGD!? To be fair, I was more than full before the last nigiri was formed so you better come hungry. And if you didn’t, don’t worry because you’ll probably sweat it off soon enough from walking around Tanjong Pagar.

We’ll have to come back and try to snag one of the limited lunch omakases. For $18 I can’t imagine it will taste as good as the Uni Omakase, but I bet it’ll taste a whole lot better than the premade sushi at the grocery store. Don’t worry, I’ll let you know once we try it.

Missed Opportunities

I admit it, I missed taking photos, or rather, missed getting good photos of the edamame, seaweed salad, miso soup and probably a few others but I was hungry. Tell you the truth, if the pictures above didn’t sell it, the ones I missed won’t do it for you either. You’ll see them for yourself when you come by for your omakase set.

Ryo Sushi


What’s your favorite sushi?

You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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