9 Hong Kong Must Eats

by | Oct 29, 2018

I love dim sum!

9 F8T Things We Eat in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the largest and densest populations in the modern world, there a lot of people to feed and nearly just as many ways to feed them. There are a lot of people here and they need to be fed. Home of Cantonese food, people and culture there’s just as many different types of food available for everyone to eat their fill.

Pig Custard Bun Dim Dim Sum Hong Kong China 02

1 Hong Kong Must Eats | DIM SUM

Dim Sum meaning snacks, these little pouches that are either steamed, fried, filled with everything and anything sweet and savory ranging from shrimp to pork to custard and everything else under sun. You’ll eventually find something that you’ll like.

Dim Dim Sum 點點心點心專門店

This spot has a bunch of dishes that you will recognize and some that you won’t. You won’t go wrong with the tried and true dumplings but give the piggy custard buns a shot.

Pork Maks Noodle Hong Kong China 03

2 Hong Kong Must Eats | NOODLES

Noodles are filling and gloriously satisfying!

Mak’s Noodle 麥奀雲吞面世家

This late night gem will keep both your belly and wallet full. It’s simple and cheap dishes that will help with any and all late night drinking activity.

Crispy Pork Yan Toh Heen Hong Kong China 03

3 Hong Kong Must Eats | CANTONESE

There’s food and then there’s food.  Some places can bring all elements of preparation, service and ambiance into an culinary experience for you to remember.

Yan Toh Heen 欣圖軒

Yan Toh Heen is a hidden gem of fancy Cantonese food that aims to impress with everything they have at their disposal, even the view of Hong Kong Island. Their rendition of pork dish had an amazingly crispy skin that I can only compare with maybe 2 other places in the world.

Peking Duck Empire City Roasted Duck Hong Kong China 03

4 Hong Kong Must Eats | POULTRY

Hong Kong is counted as a world phenomenon of aviary cooking preparation.

Empire City Roasted Duck 大都烤鴨

Look at that picture above of Peking Duck and tell me that it doesn’t look simply amazing! Might I add that it tastes better than it looks.

Beer Cheers Tung Po Kitchen Hong Kong

5 Hong Kong Must Eats | DAI PAI DONG

Dai pai dong, food court, hawker center, whatever you want to call them, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the experience

Tung Po Kitchen 東寶小館

Bring your friends, your coworkers, your family members, anyone and everyone who enjoys great tasting unpretentious food, a great time, and a couple beers or more! They will all thank you for the invite. Maybe you’ll even learn another use for chop sticks?

Nadia and JM Suppa Hong Kong China

6 Hong Kong Must Eats | HOT POT

HOT POT! Big pots of broth in which you cook your fresh ingredients of choice; beef, poultry, pork, seafood, vegetables, tofu, balls, slices, and !

SUPPA 十下火鍋

Suppa has style, they have broth, they have ingredients and soon they’ll have your hunger. Just make sure you try the

Roast Meat Plates Keung Kee Roasted Meat Restaurant Hong Kong China

7 Hong Kong Must Eats | ROASTED MEATS

Not to be outdone, Hong Kong is home to a host of all types of roasted, grilled, BBQ, glazed, salted and peppered meats of all variety!

Keung Kee Roasted Meat Restaurant 強記飯店

Keung Kee is low key and local and bursting with flavor. They didn’t like it when I was filming them from the outside, but they didn’t shy away from filling out my order and my hunger.

Bitten Black Sesame Cong Sao Star Dessert Hong Kong China

8 Hong Kong Must Eats | CANTONESE DESSERT

Hong Kong is filled with food of all sorts and desserts of all sorts.

Cong Sao Star Dessert 聰嫂星級甜品

Cong Sao Star has a more modern take on Cantonese desserts. You’ll find they have puddings, jellos, balls and ice creams. Don’t be too shy to try their durian offerings.

Portuguese Egg Tart Lord Stows EXpresso Hong Kong China

9 Hong Kong Must Eats | PORTUGUESE EGG TART

My personal favorite! Imagine egg tarts that are lightly torched to a slightly burnt complexion enhancing it’s sweetness.


Originally from Macau, these Lord Stow’s Egg Tarts are only sold through the Hong Kong cafe branch of EXpresso found at the Excelsior Hotel. I actually don’t want you to go, because that will mean I’ll have to share them. It’s ok, I can wait for them to make another batch.


Get out there in Hong Kong and try as much as your budget and stomach can manage. Make a reservation for a higher end restaurant or  simply get lost in one of the nooks and crannies that HK has to offer and walk into a venue to try your luck!

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