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Let me warn you, there are some repeats because some songs are just liked a lot by a lot of you.

Her Love Songs
All I Can
All I do is think of you
All I’ve Ever Wanted
All my life
All My Life
All My Love
All of Me
Always Be My Baby
Always in My Heart
Angel Baby
Angel of Mine
Anytime You Need A Friend
Baby I’m amazed
Crazy over you
Everytime I close my eyes
For you
For you I will
Forever in love
Gonna Love You Right
Hand in Hand
How long will I love you
I can love you like that
I choose you
I don’t wanna go on
I Need You
I swear
I Wanna Be Your Lover
I won’t give up on us
I Would Do Anything
If I Ain’t Got You
It was always you
Its a beautiful day
Just Friends
Love of my life
Lucky (MHS Repertoire)
My Everything
My my love
One and only you
One in a Million
Real Love
Say It
Say you’ll stay
So in love
Spend my life with you
Stand by me
Thank God I Found You
The way I am
There could not be another you
This is the best day…of my life
This thing called love
To be with you
Will you still love me tomorrow
With You
Without You
You are the best thing
You got me
You’re the best thing that ever happened to me
His Love Songs
because of you
feel like makin’ love
i do
i say a lil prayer for you
it might be you
just the way you are
lost wtihout you
marry you
maybe i’m amazed
my boo
night changes
not a bad thing
nothing even matters
pretty wings
say yes
when you love someone
whenever wherever whatever
with you
you and I
you’re beautiful
your body is a wonderland
Your Love Song Request
All For Love
All for You
All I Need is You
All I Wanted
All I’ve Ever Wanted
all my life
All My Love
all of me
All of My Life
All That To Me
always and forever
Always You and I
angel of mine
as long as you love me
Ask of You
at last
Baby I’m for Real
Baby I’m Yours
Back at One
Beautiful in my Eyes
Because I Love You
Best for Last
Best of MY Life
betcha by golly now
Biggest Part of Me
Build My World
But I Do Love You
butta love
By Your Side
can you stand the rain
Can’t Help Falling in Love
Can’t Take My Eyes Off You
carelss whisper
come away with me
Count on My Love
Crazy for You
Crazy Love
Dahil Ikaw
di na natuto
Do it for Love
Don’t Change
Dreaming of You
drunk in love
end of the road
endless love
Eternal Flame
Everything About You
Fall For You
for all we know
For the Rest of My Life
For You
forever in love
Forever Love
Forever My Lady
girl you for me
Give Me Love
god bless the broken road
Hands Down
happily ever after
Have I Never
have you ever really loved a woman
heads will roll – atrax remix
Heart to Heart
Heaven Sent
Here I Stand
How Deep is Your Love
I Call It Love
I Can’t Wait Another Minute
I Care About You
I Do
i finally found someone
i gotta be
i gotta feeling
i just called to say I love you
i love it
i swear
I Turn to You
I Wanna Be Loved
i wanna be the one
i wanna get freaky
i wanna know
i will always love you
I’ll Be
I’ll Be Loving You
I’ll Be Loving You Forever
I’ll Be Your Everything
I’ll Give All My Love to You
i’ll make love to you
I’ll Never Stop Loving You
I’m Yours
id rather
If I Ain’t Got You
If You Love Me
isnt she lovely
just friends
lets chill
Love Is
Love Makes Things Happen
love me tender
love song
Love Will Never Do Without You
love you 4 life
make you feel my love
man in the box
more than words
mrs jones
My Everything
my funny valentine
my my my
my sharona
nae nae song
one sweet day
pay me
pretty brown eyes
pretty girl
reward is the cheese
sa kabukiran
saving forever for you
shorts wing my way
shut up and dance
slow jams
somewhere over the rainbow
star wars 4 theme song
stay with you
step in the name of love
stick with you
sunrise, sunset
The Gift
the glory of love
The Last Time
the last walts
The Look
the only one
the only one for me
the prayer
these are the times
thinking out loud
this i promise you
thousand years
together as one
together forever
too close
we’ve only just begun
when love takes over
when you love someone
you are the one
you dropped a bomb on me
young girl
your song

Nadia at Google! Social BFFs since day one :)
~McKelle Holyoak

In middle school, Mike had this odd wavy pompadour hair and would insert himself at the most random moments, lol. He somehow was able to piss so many people off in such a small school!?
~Janelle Guevara

Battle of the 4 J’s

There was a friendly competition as to who could come up with the most love songs… There’s no need to really tally, because in the end, we’re all winners!


KC & Jojo | All My Life


Silk | I Wanna Get Freaky


DnH | When You Love Someone


Corrine Bailey Rae | Breathless

Groom. He ate an oyster with rediculously hot hot sauce and his reaction to it was priceless.
~James Lee

Met Nadia first. I have NO idea when we first met. Um.
~Ed Arteche


The Groom – My husband was always around him for some reason.
~Geralyn Angeles

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Your #1 Most Requested Song

John Legend | All of Me

Met both Mike and Nadia at the same time because Lizzy-boo has good taste in friends.
~Gabe Wexler


Nadia brought me leftovers when we sat near each other then I fell in love.
~Dennis Dizon


#1 Most Misunderstood Wedding Tradition
The Money Dance From my personal experience, the money dance has always been a celebration of a new life and well wishing akin to any other culture that wishes good fortune on new married couples.  The money dance is referred to by a number of names, including the dollar dance and the apron dance, depending on the ethnic customs. In exchange for a few fun-filled seconds whirling around the dance floor with the bride or groom, guests can either pin cash on the newlywed couple’s clothing, toss coins into the bride’s shoes or tuck bills into a dainty satin satchel that the bride wears around her wrist. The money dance receives a lot of criticism from brides and grooms who are unfamiliar with the cultural custom. However, in many traditions, guests eagerly anticipate the moment, lining up for song after song until they get their intimate moment. It is not uncommon for guests to wait until this time to present the newlyweds with their wedding gift, slipping them some cash to help build a nest egg for their future dreams.

It is equally likely that a guest will pin a $1, $5 or $100 bill on the bride’s dress or the groom’s tux.

Many sources mistakenly credit the tradition with originating in the Polish community in the early 1900s. In fact, the money dance has been a celebrated wedding ritual for centuries in dozens of cultures around the world, ranging from the U.S. to South America to Europe.

United States

In the U.S., the money dance is a regional tradition that is most prevalent throughout the Southern and Midwestern states. American brides from Louisiana, Texas and Oklahoma to Iowa, Ohio and Wisconsin all report that the money dance is an important part of the local reception rituals. Typically, the dance takes place toward the end of the formal festivities, after the cake-cutting and bouquet toss but before the majority of the guests leave.

Other times, it is saved for the last dance, right before the newlyweds leave for their honeymoon.

The best man usually kicks off the festivities by pinning money on the bride’s dress while the maid of honor dances with the groom. The best man and maid of honor are also responsible for handing out the pins and sending in new partners every few seconds — just long enough for the guests to offer their congratulations and the bride and groom to thank them for coming.

Pacific Islander

  • Philippines The wedding money dance, or Saya ng Pera, is almost a requirement at Filipino weddings. To kick off the boisterous peso-pinning party game, which can last for up to three hours in some small villages, a woven lei of money is usually placed around the couple’s neck. Most guests prefer to pin the money to the newlywed couple’s garments to symbolize good fortune. Most couples opt to play traditional Filipino folk music or popular love songs.
    • “Personally speaking, when I go to weddings and participate in the money dance, I love to create some sort of funny clothing out of bills and then adorn the couple in my freshly minted money costume during their dance.” ~JM

During the bitor, the newlyweds are showered with money and guests toss bills and coins into a plate in exchange for wine that is served by the bride and groom. The change is gathered into a handkerchief then passed to the groom, who ceremoniously hands it over to his bride.

  • Samoa and Tonga Samoans and Tongans view the taualuga as an essential ritual for most ceremonial events, so the blessing custom is almost always included at weddings. Guests lafo by throwing money into the air around the couple as they dance while the bride tries to balance an elaborate headpiece.

“The taualuga symbolizes the conclusion of a monumental task and the beautifying final touches involved,” explains Sean Malone in his book, “Samoan Arts and Artists.” “The dance is frequently performed as the grand finale.”

South America

The money dance is celebrated in Puerto Rico, Cuba and Mexico in much the same way as it is in the U.S.

  • Puerto Rico In Puerto Rico, the guests remove the capias pins from a doll that is outfitted identical to the bride. After the guests claim their souvenir charms, the doll is placed at the head table as a symbol of good luck for the couple’s future children.
  • Mexico In some parts of Mexico, it is the job of the groomsmen to ridicule the groom by dressing him in an apron, placing a veil upon his head and tossing him into the air after the money dance. The bridesmaids and groomsmen are also responsible for presenting the newlyweds with 13 silver or gold arrhae coins.


The Wedding Money Dance in Central and Southeast Europe Throughout the central and southern regions of Europe, where marriages are elaborate occasions that can last for several days, the wedding money dance is a highly anticipated part of the festivities. The tradition likely evolved from a European custom that required guests to pay the accordion player to enter the wedding reception.

  • Poland Known as the Czepek, the money dance is meant to help the young couple finance their honeymoon. Guests dance with the bride and groom by pinning money onto their clothing and then they circle the couple and toss money into the veil. The custom became especially popular in U.S. immigrant communities in the early 1900s, which is a big reason why the money dance is often erroneously reported as originating in Poland.
  • Greece Traditionally, the Greek money dance is held right before the couple leaves the reception. The maid of honor is responsible for collecting and safeguarding the cash the couple makes. After the dancing wraps up, the guests encircle the bride, who waits patiently as her dashing groom tries to bust through the throng. Once he finally rescues his fair maiden, he throws her over his shoulder and carries her to the getaway car, amidst the cheering crowd, to start their honeymoon.
  • Italy As guests arrive at an Italian wedding reception, they slip an envelope filled with cash intoa little purse that the bride carries around on her wrist. The typically white buste is made of satin and embellished with pearls or rhinestones. During some point in the night, every male guest is expected to dance with the bride and contribute their share to the nest egg fund.
  • Spain Spanish brides are presented with gifts of money during the Sequidillas Manchegas. It is rare for grooms to participate in the traditional dance.
  • Germany, Hungary and Portugal Just after midnight, when German, Hungarian and Portuguese wedding festivities are in full swing, the bride trades in her white wedding gown for an elaborate red dress. As sheplaces her shoe in the middle of the dance floor, her father announces that his daughter is now for sale. The men at the party eagerly form a line for the chance to pay for a dance with the bride, which they deposit into her shoe. As the dancing continues, her other shoe is passed around the room for guests to make a contribution to help the young couple start out “on the right foot.”
  • Ukraine At Ukrainian weddings, the father of the bride begins the money dance by pinning a bill to his daughter’s dress. After the best man and then groomsmen have a turn, the other male guests are invited to offer their congratulations. Some brides opt to wear an apron with pockets instead of using straight pins.
  • Yugoslavia Rather than pinning money onto the bride, male guests at a Yugoslavian wedding discreetly hand their cash gift to the best man, who is charged with safeguarding the money for the entire night.
  • Macedonia Alongside the traditional money dance, Macedonian newlyweds host the pig dance. Roasted whole and placed upon a silver platter, the couple carries the swine from table to table thanking each guest for attending. In return, the guests throw money onto the platter as their way of wishing the newlyweds good fortune and prosperity in their marriage.