Chinese Dinesty with an I

by Oct 21, 2014

What’s XLB?

You’ll find out.

Dinesty tl;dr

One of things you hear about the cuisine in Vancouver is that the Chinese food is suppose to be some of the best outside of Hong Kong. Therefore, immediately after checking in, we got some suggestions on some local places to go and Dinesty was one of the restaurants recommended by our hotel receptionist for good authentic Shanghainese food.

2 Dinesty Kitchen Staff Making Dumplings

When you walk into the restaurant you can immediately check out their open kitchen with just a glass wall separating you from their staff all expertly making little stuffed soup dumplings or XLB, their house specialty.

Inside the restaurant is decorated like you’d expect from a high class Chinese restaurant. Immediately after being seated you’re handed a fairly thick menu with all kinds of Shanghainese specialty dishes. For our lunch we ordered:

Dinesty Braised Pork Dish

  • The lunch special that you got to choose multiple items, ours came with 3 XLBs, a stewed pork dish served with rice and vegetables and a dessert- a yogurt panna cotta with fresh mango sauce drizzled on top
  • Order of XLB with crab, scallops and pork- Tasty though I wish the skin was slightly thinner and that there was more soup inside
  • Stir fried rice cake in house sauce with vegetables and sliced chicken- delicious and unique, not something we eat a lot of or see a lot back home

Dinesty Seafood Noodle Dish

Overall service was very friendly and efficient. Once you order, the lady punches it into her cell phone, places a ticket on your table with your order, pours you tea and your food is served within 10 minutes! A great lunch spot and packed with locals. All together lunch was $30 for everything and we were stuffed! Great spot with a great deal on tasty food, can’t complain!

Dinesty Mango Pudding

F8T Tip

  • Get the XLB… and be careful when you bite into them to slurp out the soup. They are HOT!

Dinesty Dumpling House


Do you like XLB? What’s your favorite dim sum?

You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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