Goodbye California, Moved to Singapore! We’ll Be Back…

California, you will always be home. You’ve help shape and mold us into the 2 people we are today. You’ve spoiled us with your great weather and amazingly authentic and diverse food options. More importantly you’ve blessed us with friends and family who are loved so much that the defining lines are too often blurred. You will ALL be sorely missed.

As fate would have it, we traded Silicon Valley for Asia’s Lion City. Long story short is that we were offered a once in a lifetime chance to move on very short notice and went for it! Now we wake up to an endless tropical summer, wildly efficient running everything and more South East Asian food than I know who to feed with.

Since our arrival to this Island City State, I’ve started to get my feet wet in some digital editing. Here’s a short video recapping our first couple of adventures around Singapore; highlighting our stay at Marina Bay Sands, seeing the sunrise from their infinity pool, wandering around the Super Trees during the day till the stars came out, and then watched the nightly Marina Laser show before calling it a day. Enjoy!

Song: Simon More – Tropical Love (Vlog No Copyright Music)
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Artist: Simon More
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