Taipei’s Sushi Addiction Aquatic Development

by Mar 21, 2016


Raw fish!

Uncooked seafood custom sweeping the world probably made it’s first steps out of Japan to here in Taipei. Similarly to the Spanish presence in the Philippines, the Japanese were in Taiwan for a period of time, long enough to leave a culinary legacy.

And I personally love me some sushi all kinds of sushi, hell, any kind of sushi! I like it raw by itself, I like it raw over rice, I like it raw fresh out of the shell, I like it cooked, I like it anyway I can get it and then some just as long as it tastes great! Maybe I have an addiction? Where would I go for a fix in Taipei?

Enter Addiction Aquatic Development. Not much of a name, but it piqued my interest. And my first step to satisfying this sushi itch, of course, was to figure out how to get there.

Close Up of Live Crab Tank at Addiction Aquatic Development

So many crabs!

Close Up of Live Seafood Tank Filled with Trays of Shellfish at Addiction Aquatic Development

And baskets of shellfish!

Unfortunately this venue, unlike a number of other worthy destinations was not conveniently located near a metro station. The Taiwanese mass transit was the best way to get around Taipei, but that is neither here nor there and will be in another post. We finished the rest of the journey by bus, and why not, it’s covered by our unlimited ride metro card so I didn’t feel overly bad about jumping through all these hoops to get to this place.

There was something very satisfying about slapping down that pass onto the card reader and getting on form of public transportation I wanted to. Again, another time and place. We got off about a block and a half away from our intended target, so after few hundred steps and we were in the Taiwanese Willy Wonka equivalent for seafood.

Live Seafood Holding Tanks at Addiction Aquatic Development

So many tanks and baskets of yummy shelled everything!

We figured we were in the right place with all the traffic going to and from the only place open at night on the street. Finally the Addicted signage gave it away that we had finally arrived. We entered the closest entryway and discovered a cornucopia of seafood.

You ever go to one of those fish markets where there’s just basins and basins of water filled with crustaceans? Or go to an aquarium with a sea life hands on area? Or a Ranch 99 Asian Supermarket? If so, then you’re going to be somewhat familiar with what I’m about to describe.

Pre Cooked Seafood Ready for Take Away Consumption at Addiction Aquatic Development

If I were on the go I’d totally pick some of this up

It was all that and then some… Imagine a wet space without the seemingly dirty grime or the wetness everywhere usually associated with a working fish market. Sure it was humid, but other than that, the area was for the most part dry. The guys who created this place did to fish markets what Whole Foods did to farmers markets… or something like that.

We made our way around the small man made water ponds looking at all the shells and colors. And along the walls were trays of ready to be consumed shelled sea meats…

Nadia and JM Near the Kitchen with 2 Chefs Cooking at Addiction Aquatic Development Taipei

Selfies with the chefs in action

In the next expanse of the building there was even more seafood prepared raw, hot pot, and grilled. There was even more seafood ready to go along with quite a selection of alcohol. Since we were here for the sushi, we went for the sushi. The line to get on the list was right between the sushi rolls and the bottles of sake.

The sushi area is strictly stand up only and eating and drinking only. After our number was called, we stood in front of our assigned eating space surrounded by both local and tourist alike with a menu overwhelming us with it’s variety.

We went about ordering:

  1. a few sets of sushi
  2. some crab
  3. uni
    1. from Hokkaido or Mexico…
      1. yes, I said Mexico!?!?!
  4. seafood salad
  5. and a couple of beers for good measure

The food came out rather quickly and was very fresh.

Addiction Aquatic Development Taipei Sushi Salad

Seafood salad because we’re healthy

Nadia Holding a Tray of Sushi at Addiction Aquatic Development Taipei

Sushi sushi sushi!

Addiction Aquatic Development Taipei Crab Leg

Can’t wait to tear into that crab leg!

Addiction Aquatic Development Taipei Uni Dish

So decadent and delicious!

We had both assumed that with the amount of Japanese tourists, the proximity to Japan that the sushi would be something akin to what we recall having in Tokyo proper. It’s my sad duty to say that it doesn’t live up to said assumption. It wasn’t necessarily bad, but then it wasn’t necessarily great. And for the price point of served food, I would have imagined it to have been amazing; especially with the taste of Tokyo sushi so fresh in my mind.

I’m not quite sure how to put the disparaging difference of into words other than it was not nearly the same. Maybe if it were served colder, and that it was simply the heat that had put the food in such low regard on my palate. Whatever the case, just as I would not like to drink warm beer, I did not enjoy eating warm sushi.

I hope there was more to it than simply that, but I could be wrong. Maybe it’s a locally acquired taste or something else altogether. I don’t know, but I wouldn’t go back again for the sushi, and unfortunately I feel that’s the worst thing I could say about any place.

F8T Tip Do not come here expecting sushi from somewhere else. Come here prepared for anything!

Addiction Aquatic Development Taipei Interior Map

In case you get lost, here’s a map to help you out

With that being said, remembering that they prepared seafood in more ways than raw, I honestly would go back to try those. Hopefully, perhaps I would find something more redeeming. I can say that because I had a similar experience with other venues… 1st time not so good, but the 2nd time ordering essentially the same thing but cooked differently changed my opinion of them.

You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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