Eat Singapore Burger at Three Buns

by Feb 12, 2019

What’s to eat in Robertson Quay?

Fries and milkshakes!

Three Buns Singapore tl;dr

  • Late Night Burgers and Hot Dogs
  • Crazy Fries and Alcoholic Milkshakes
  • Nice Place to Hangout Along the Quay (River)

We are always on the search for new food. With that being said, we are always trying different versions of foods that we love. And in Singapore there’s a never ending supply of food gurus reinventing the wheel time and time again.

Fries, curly fries, thick cut fries, any and all kind of fries are delicious. That’s why fries are no exception to our food quest. My cousin who moved to Singapore suggested a late night to catch up at Robertson Quay’s Three Buns open air eatery because he heard about their killer fries….
And drinks!

Wish I didn’t eat prior to our late night catch up!

Logo Three Buns SingaporeThree Buns Coaster

Bun 1 – Where to Go

Quay (pronounced like key, not kahway), essentially a wharf-dock type of situation, is a term commonly thrown around in Southeast Asia.

In Singapore, nearly everything along waterfront is called a Quay. Right next to the more (in)famous Clarke Quay is the sleepier Robertson Quay; but that depends on where exactly along RQ you’re hanging out and what time.

Just by Alkaff Bridge, is a largish open air neon lit venue playing some great music. While sitting in the peculiar decor (turns out it’s a lot of upcycled/sustainable materials) the first thing you’ll notice about the menu is the extensive no nonsense artisinal everything:

  • Mostly Everything Made In House
  • High Grade Australian Prime Beef
  • Locally Made Soft Buns
Alcoholic Milk Shake Three Buns Singapore3 Monkeys Monkey Shoulder Milkshake

Bun 2 – 1 For You and 2 For Me

They have quite the menu of burgers, hot dogs, and more. A lot of them sounded mouth watering despite having already eaten dinner. There’s something for everyone!

But if you’re not hungry like we were, and only want fries, you came to the right place. Mind you, they don’t have a lot of fries but they do have a couple that are radically different from each other.

  • Double Cooked and Crispy House Fries
  • Spicy, Chili Smothered Naughty Fries JNR.
  • Miso Dirty Fries Filled With Sausage and Cotton-like Chicken(?) Floss

The fries are like fried mini potato bowls or thick potato chips, that scoop up all the sauce and toppings you could want. Both fries are amazingly tasty, bursting with local spice and flavor. If you’re more hungry, I’d suggest going with the Miso Dirty Fries because of the more substantial protein ingredients.

Bar at Three Buns SingaporeThree Buns Counter Action

Bun 3 – Adult Milkshakes?

As with any legit late night spot, they serve alcohol. But unlike most places, they take it a step further. They make adult milkshakes; ie: there’s alcohol in the milkshakes!

I can personally attest to the alcohol content and the great banana flavor bursting through in their 3 Monkeys Milkshake. It’s the perfect blend of cream, banana and liquor. Nearly reminds me of an amazing roasted banana milkshake place I found in Austin (another time and another story).

Floss Fries Three Buns SingaporeMiso Dirty Fries

Bun 4 – More Buns Please!

I wish I was more hungry to try out the rest of their offerings. I probably should have starved till our rsvp but I had a long day and wanted to eat a normal hour and blah blah blah; what I’m trying to say is that I failed at our extreme food quest. At least this gives me the opportunity to come back again and see my cousin…. eat some more!

There’s so many other options we haven’t explored:

  • Brunch Menu
  • Late Night Buy 1 GET 1 Burgers
  • Extensive Cocktail Menu
  • Desserts (Other than Milkshakes)

I wonder if I can buy a burger and get a hot dog during their late night special?

You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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