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by Nov 11, 2014


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Known by Many Other Names But There’s Only One Louboutin

The list goes on and on, filled with such exotic names. You’d think that I was talking about the names of super models or high end sports performance vehicles. And just like myself, you’d be equally as wrong as I meekly found out. Allow me to educate you on the fashionably sexy world of Louboutin. Who knew that there was even such a world? Surely not I. Hell, I didn’t even know how to pronounce the name correctly. Let me tell you something between you and me, it’s not pronounced ‘Louie Button.’

F8T Tips If you’re looking for his trademarked red color, I believe the color code is registered as Pantone 18-1663 TPX Chinese Red.

As with many things, it all started with a wish. You know, one of those wishes that would not necessarily be life defining yet all the while be life altering. One of those wishes that you grew up with thinking that if only you had it then everything would be worth while. For some it would be a certain car, or maybe a pony. I can personally identify with this because I have a certain passion for certain vintage toys.

But I digress, in this particular case Nadia’s wishes would be limited to a small list rounded out by a pair of Louboutin famously iconic red soled shoes. I know what you’re probably thinking.

Shoes are shoes.



Nadia Trying on a Pair of Christian Louboutin Black Pump in San Francisco

Again, you’d be wrong there as well my friend. These shoes are like a fine wine; taking a ridiculous amount of care every step of it’s lengthy process of creation along with a little luck and a lot of care will last a long time. In the process of making that wish came true, an elaborate plan took shape in hopes to find such a pair in the heart of downtown San Francisco. With all the high end department stores abound, there would have to be a pair with Nadia’s name on it somewhere. A high ticket item as this, I didn’t want to just pick any shoe that happen to be there.

We had to compare numerous factors from the stock of the various stores what looked better, and more importantly felt better on her foot. Nothing would fit the bill more than a sexy pair of shoes that looks amazing and felt amazing too. Walking from Nordstroms to Barney’s to Bloomingdale’s to Saks 5th looking for shoes to compare we waded though an onslaught of pedestrians, competitive shoppers and an army of sales people.

We had gone all over San Francisco looking in this store and that store, trying on this shoe and that shoe, asking this sales person and that sales person nearly giving up from frustration. With each passing visit to each new store arose one issue or another: limited stock or variety.

Christian Louboutin Nude Pump

Not to fear, I had and an Ace up my sleeve for just such a predicament. I had heard that there was an oasis in this misery that could humbly be called a search. Luckily for me, a Louboutin boutique shoe store had opened up off of San Francisco’s Union Square shopping area with all manners of styles and colors one would imagine would be held in the backroom of such a flagship store. And by ‘me’ I mean me because I didn’t tell her about it.

Nadia Reluctantly Removing the Pair of Christian Louboutin Pumps She Was Trying On

After taking a break eating lunch at Nordstrom’s Cafe Bistro we continued on the journey. She had assumed we were just going to check out another store and hope to find what she was looking for. Walking down the street to the store, Nadia was getting anxious from the frustration of not finding what she wanted.

As we neared, she was surprised to find the Louboutin store before us and barreled her way inside. We were greeted by a very tentative staff who lived, breathed, and knew everything that was Louboutin… like how to pronounce the name (loo-boo-ta(n) / remember to nasalize the ‘n’). Despite the seriousness of the search for the perfect shoe I was able to get a smirk out of the staff with my initial pronunciation. After passing the doors, nothing quite prepared me for how large the space was with shoes occupying so much wall space, or that half the store was dedicated to men’s shoes.

Again I ask, ‘Who knew?’

Nadia Trying on Christian Louboutin Black Pumps by a Mirror with Other Models She Has Tried On

No more did we hear ‘Sorry, we don’t have that model,’ nor even the dreaded ‘We just sold the last one.’ Before entering the realization that this store would probably not have anything on sale occurred to me, but then again it wasn’t like these shoes were ever on sale at any of the other stores either. So why not go to the horse’s mouth directly and get exactly what she wanted.

In retrospect, it’s hard to figure out what you want when you have to trek all over the city and try to remember what felt like what and which store it was at. With everything in front of us along with the most knowledgeable staff who knew deep down in their bones what to look for in selecting the first pair of Louboutins made her decision making process all that much simpler.

A Wall Display of Many Different Models of Christian Louboutin Pumps at Their San Francisco Branch

The lady who assisted Nadia glowed after hearing that it was her first purchase and shared with us her first time. Then she went into the details of what to look for, what to expect from wear and tear, and more importantly, caring for her shoes. We had asked about something people have been doing to their shoes lately; rubberizing the bottom of the shoe to help preserve the color as well as provide more traction.

And she had illuminated us to her philosophy that shoes were made to be worn. And if you’re going to cover it with an off red rubber seal, you might as well wear the shoes and enjoy the red while it lasts before covering it up.

Nadia Trying on a Pair Christian Louboutin San Francisco Branch

That made total sense!

Nadia was helped into, and out of more shoes than I had thought possible: red matte, nude gloss, nude matte, black matte, and every other color under the sun. But it didn’t stop there, these shoes also came in different heights. All the while, I was lounging there uncomfortably aware that I was wearing my Converse high tops in a store where shoes started at around $500. Ultimately after hours of learning breaking in periods, trying on various everything, taking off said various everything, and walking a trench into the carpet a decision was finally made:

New Simple Pump

  • Iconic Red Sole
  • 120 mm High Heel
  • Shiny and Smooth Black Patent Leather

Nadia with Her Very First Christian Louboutin Purchase San Francisco Branch

There’s Nothing Like Your First Pair of Louboutins!

Christian Louboutin


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