Eat Wagyu in Tokyo at Yoroniku

by Oct 21, 2018

“i really want some wagyu…”

“you’re in luck, I know a grill place and it’s not too far away.”

Yoroniku よろにくtl;dr

  • Wagyu 2 ways; they will grill some for you and you cook your own
  • The staff gives instruction on how to cook and how to eat
  • There’s dessert too with your set course

While in Tokyo, we try to do all the things a visitor tries to do, especially a visitor with a penchant for culinary delights. We got a taste of sushi and sake and other things but had yet to try really good wagyu beef. We went to go find out what Tokyo had to offer in regards to wagyu.

Wagyu (和牛 Wagyū, “Japanese cow”) is any of four Japanese breeds of beef cattle.



Yoroniku, a name whispered among small groups of people is the restaurant teach us all about eating Japanese Black cow. There’s not much official information on them considering that they don’t even have their own website. Maybe we’ve stumbled upon one of Tokyo’s best kept secrets?

If you’re looking for a venue in Tokyo, don’t forget to look both upward in a building or downward below the streets.

Off to the side on a side street, there’s a single door with a simple wall light that quietly announces to the world their presence. After entering, we walked downstairs to be escorted to our grill enabled table. The room was very dark, elegant and there was a outline of a cow highlighting the locations of where the meat you’re about to eat comes from.

Cow Outline Yoriniku Tokyo Japan

Little did we know that we were about to get a comprehensive crash course in everything wagyu:

  • What part of the cow is your meat is from
  • How to cook said cut of wagyu
  • How to best season the wagyu
  • And more importantly, how to eat that wagyu

Side Dishes Yoriniku Tokyo Japan

How Do You Cook Wagyu?

All throughout the service, plate after plate of raw meat were brought out to us. Dependent on the type of meat, our attending chef would point to which part of the cow the meat came from and then cooked it for us.

The fattier the wagyu, the less it should be cooked to retain the fat quality versus it dripping into the grill. Wagyu fat is where the magic is at!

I was surprised at how he would wave the meat back and forth on the grill for only a second and then quickly flip it before placing it on my plate. I was a touch skeptical at the wellness of the beef however I am here now, happy to report to you all that I survived and more importantly want some more of that barely grilled deliciousness. It was all amazing!

Nadia and I were both left with nothing to say but “ooh’s” and “ahh’s” at his cooking skill. He would then tell us how best to eat it;

  • Put sauce
  • Don’t put sauce
  • With this garnish
  • With that rice
  • Eat it by itself
  • Dip it into that egg yolk
  • So on and so forth

After eating their way, I can’t imagine eating wagyu any other way.

yoriniku Tokyo Jpn (1)

Marbled Wagyu Yoriniku Tokyo Japan

Marbled Wagyu Yoriniku Tokyo Japan 02

Marbled Wagyu Yoriniku Tokyo Japan 03


There were so many different things I never knew about beef, or rather how to consume beef.

Who knew you could eat wagyu so rare?

Or dipping cooked wagyu in a raw egg yolk?

You Owe It to Yourself to Come here

As it turns out, Yoroniku is the beef restaurant of beef restaurants. I’m totally ruined for all beef moving forward (do you notice a trend here in Japan, like with the sushi). There are several set meals for you to choose from that give you a delicious bite of every part of the cow.

Shaved ice Yoriniku Tokyo Japan 02

Shaved Ice x2

And then they brought out the shaved ice/snow dessert. A large bowl of shaved ice over fruits and jelly and ice cream. After finishing off that we were served another to our dismay and shock. It was so good yet we was so full. We ate in quiet dignity.

At the End of the Day

Who am I to say at how to do anything here? They are more than experts and masters at their craft and service and I’m more than lucky for simply being there to partake in their offerings.

Doumo arigatou gozaimasu Yoroniku!

You're going to eat, you might as well eat something tasty.
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